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The Show:


In 2024, its 47th year, the extraordinarily successful Thursford Christmas Spectacular is looking to recruit outstanding singers, dancers and instrumentalists for its Christmas season.

The show will take place at The Thursford Collection in Thursford (click here), a tiny village 9 miles from the north Norfolk coast. The brain-child of producer, John Cushing OBE, the show has grown from a single carol concert designed around the magnificent Wurlitzer organ to being one of the most successful and unique shows in the UK. The show is re-written each year and put on with a multi-million pound budget. The large cast, performing to packed houses of over 1,400 people,  includes 58 singers, a 30-piece orchestra, 23 dancers, 2 bagpipers, 1 comedian, several circus-artistes and the Wurlitzer virtuoso, Phil Kelsall. We open on the 8th November and will close on 23rd December, just in time for all artistes to make it home for Christmas!

In two halves, the show encompasses a wide range of acts, styles and moods in a succession of detailed and carefully produced scenes. The 130-foot wide stage is filled with dancers and singers during the first half with the conductor and instrumentalists playing from a variety of positions behind and to the side of stage (there is no orchestra pit). The second half takes on more of a traditional concert format with the orchestra and conductor centre-stage and the dancers and singers stage left and stage right.  Musical styles work through Classical, Show-tune, Rock, Jazz, Light music and others.

Each show is a pageant of spectacle and colour. The Producer and Director, John Cushing indulges his own belief in creating a magical Christmas of yesteryear – a time of love, hope and giving. In his opinion, the one element that encapsulates the spirit of Christmas more than any other, is music. For John Cushing 'Christmas Eve' is the most magical night of the year.


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