In 2021 we will be looking to employ a troupe of 23 excellent all round female dancers who will be required to cover 18 tracks with 5 swings. Rotation of dancers, and days off are handled by our Dance Captain. Dances styles are varied and have ranged from Pointe to Can-Can, Jazz to Rock, Pop to Show, etc, etc. The first half is normally very busy for the dancers with the second half format being considerably lighter.


All our artistes are versatile and outgoing. They are required to wear full costume and even possibly full skins. Once performances have started there are two a day, seven days a week. Given the frequency of performances, they have to know their stamina and how to pace themselves accordingly, though we try to schedule one day off every 8-10 days once opened.


All cast members live locally for the duration usually in shared holiday accommodation. Subsistence is included in the fee to cover this. Travel is by car, and those without have to make arrangements with drivers in the cast. Payment is made in several installments, each one of which must be invoiced for.

The job is hugely enjoyable - they perform to ecstatically happy capacity audiences, and staying in a beautiful part of the world, less than 15 minutes from the coast in North Norfolk.

Performers of all backgrounds and ethnicities are encouraged to apply. 

Please check back here in late January 2021 for details on how to apply for the 2021 Season.